Hand full arranger, composer and performer. So it can be defined guitarist Túlio Augusto.


Guitarload, On-line magazine (#85 Issue)

Self-taught guitarist and harmonica player Tulio Augusto has a houseful of instruments, is defending his second master’s and working on a Ph.D., and has composed something stunning, bluesy, Gershwin-like – indescribable, really – that shows he can climb right inside the essence of homegrown American jazz and understand it as if he was a founder of the genre. Tulio has incredible talent and deep passion, that shine through his music like a jazzy beacon. His is a promising trajectory to watch!



Debbie Burke, Jazz Author (USA)

Blue Spell is a beautiful display of his talent and ability, with sonorities transiting between jazz, blues and classical music. Túlio is known as a magician because of the way his artistic conception and worldview converge.

Chico Castro Jr., Jornal A Tarde (Brazil)